Nordic Conference in Nursing Research  

Methods and networks for the future


15-17 June 2016
Stockholm - Sweden

The second Nordic conference in nursing research will bring together researchers from all the Nordic countries. The conference aims to enhance improvements in nursing research methods and to create an arena for networking.

Please print your name badge. It is important that you bring the badge to the conference as it ensures your admission to the conference activities.
It is possible to bring your luggage to the conference but we are not responsible for it.
Registration is binding but can be assigned to another person. If you wish to assign your registration to another person you must contact Lina Hammarbäck 
Please also contact Lina Hammarbäck if you have a severe allergy!
If you have booked dinner to Stockholm City Hall on 17 June, you will receive a ticket during registration to the conference that is important that you keep. You need to show the ticket to be able to access Stockholm City hall.
The conference is fully booked!

Nordic Conference
in Nursing Research 2014

The first Nordic Conference in Nursing Research - Methods and Networks for the Future was held in Odense, Denmark 10-12 June 2014.


Keynote speakers in 2014:
The conference featured; Dr. Denise Polit a well renowned research methodologist who have written many textbooks, Professor David Richards president of the European Academy of Nursing Science, Professor Tiny Jaarsma Linköping University and Professor Sølvi Helseth Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science


Keynote Speakers

Confirmed keynote speakers in 2016:

Professor Margerete Sandelowski, US, a world renowned research methodologist with expertise in mixed research synthesis and systematic reviews.

Professor Jo Rycroft-Malone, UK, has garnered an international reputation for research that bridges the evidence–practice gap and is one of the world’s highly cited researchers.

Professor Marit Kirkevold,
Norway, is internationally acclaimed for theoretically informed inquiries and complex interventions.

Associate Professor Louise Locock, UK, is a qualitative social science researcher with expertise in patient and public involvement in research.


Organizing Commitee

Elisabeth Strandberg / Chair (Swedish Society of Nursing),
Amy Hommel (Swedish Society of Nursing)
Birte Østergaard (Danish Nursing Research Society)
Hanne Konradsen (Danish Nursing Research Society)
Edith Roth Gjevjon (Norwegian Nursing Research Society)

Turde Haugland (Norwegian Nursing Research Society)