Key Note speakers at the conference

Alison Kitson Professor, RN, PhD
Vice President and Executive Dean at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.
The Australian professor has joined Aalborg University as an Adjunct Professor, and is affiliated with the Research Unit for Clinical Nursing at Aalborg University Hospital where she will contribute to the development of a research program on Fundamentals of Care. Alison Kitson has worked extensively with nursing management, research and education, and has published a number of research articles on nursing and the implementation of evidence-based knowledge in practice.
Title: Why Fundamental Care Matters to you

Brendan McCormack Professor, D.Phil (Oxon.), BSc (Hons.)
Head of the Divisions of Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Art Therapies; Head of the Graduate School; Associate Director, Centre for Person-centred Practice Research, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.
Professor II, University College of South East Norway, Drammen, Norway; Extraordinary Professor, Department of Nursing, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Professor of Nursing, Maribor University, Slovenia; Visiting Professor, Ulster University.
Brendan’s internationally recognised work in person-centred practice development and research has resulted in successful long-term collaborations in Ireland, the UK, Norway, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Slovenia and South Africa. His writing and research work focuses on person-centred practice, gerontological nursing, and practice development and he serves on a number of editorial boards, policy, committees, funding panels and development groups in these areas. He has a particular focus on the use of arts and creativity in healthcare research and development. Brendan has more than 600 published outputs, including 190 peer-reviewed publications in international journals and 10 books. Brendan is a Fellow of The European Academy of Nursing Science, a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland He is currently in the top 100 ‘most cited’ nurse researchers globally.
Title: Being a person-centred researcher: balancing the cognitive with the creative

Tracey Bucknall Professor, PhD
Professor Bucknall holds a joint appointment between Deakin University and Alfred Health as the Director of Nursing Research, Foundational Chair of Clinical Nursing and Director of Deakin University’s Centre for Patient Safety Research-Alfred Health Partnership. Adjunct Professor at Bangor University, United Kingdom; University of Southern Denmark, Denmark; and Monash University, Australia.
During her nursing career, Professor Bucknall has held a variety of clinical, educational and research appointments. For more than a decade her practice specialty was critical care. Since 2005, she has held joint clinical and academic appointments that have enabled her to identify knowledge gaps and concerns in practice and target them with innovative interventional research. Her research aims to improve patient safety, alleviate patient symptoms and enhance patient experiences by focusing on improving clinical decision making and the uptake of research evidence in practice. Professor Bucknall has presented her research nationally and internationally, and published over 200 scholarly publications. She was recently awarded the title of Alfred Deakin Professor, for her significant contribution to research.
Title: Building the research ecosystem to improve clinical practice

Rachael Gooberman-Hill Professor, M.A., Ph.D.
Rachael is Professor of Health and Anthropology and Director of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research. 
She is a Social Anthropologist by background who applies techniques from anthropology and qualitative approaches in applied health research. Interests include long-term conditions, long-term post-surgical pain, osteoarthritis and joint pain, care and disability in later life, help-seeking, technology for health, clinical decision-making and public involvement in research. Much of her work includes research in teams with colleagues from different disciplines and Rachael likes to emphasise the value of qualitative research in multidisciplinary contexts’.
Title: Maintaining identity in multidisciplinary research

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